Horror movie guide: five terrifying Halloween movies you have probably never seen

Actress Maika Monroe plays Jay in the 4 indie horror film “It Follows.” (Internet Photo)

Every Halloween, we turn to the same old time-tested horror classics. We all know “The Exorcist,” “The Omen,” “Halloween” and other horror staples, but why not change it up this Halloween with some hidden gems guaranteed to make your friends shudder in fear and nervously laugh with adrenaline.

1. “Eraserhead”

David Lynch’s 1977 classic “Eraserhead” gained a cult following after a run of popular midnight screenings. The film follows the bizarre, dreamlike tale of a man becoming the reluctant caregiver to his malformed baby after the mother abandons them. Although not classified as horror, Eraserhead contains some of the most disturbingly memorable sequences in cinematic history, and is one movie that will stay with you long after Halloween is over.

2. “It Follows”

The most recent film on this list, “It Follows” is a 2014 indie horror love letter to eighties horror with a twist: The demonic force chasing this group of teens is passed from person to person through sex — sort of like a STD, which in this case stands for Sexually Transmitted Demon. Despite its far-out premise, “It Follows” is one of the most genuinely terrifying horror films released in recent memory. Director David Russell Mitchell effortlessly manipulates audiences by playing on our instinctual fears of being followed, that unshakeable feeling that someone’s always behind you watching.

3. “The Descent”

Director Neil Marshall’s 2005 film is notable for its all female cast. It also stands out from the crowd because it’s scary as hell. A group of adventurous women decide to go hiking into the uncharted caves of The Appalachians. The group gets trapped after a cave in and is forced to find a way out. However, they discover that they may not be alone. What follows is some of the most uncomfortable sequences in horror history as the women crawl through the claustrophobic tunnels.

4. “Audition”

The Japanese film “Audition” at first glance seems sort of like a lifetime movie. A middle-aged widower decides to finally get back into the dating world by using his connections to the film industry to audition women for his relationship under the guise of auditioning them for a movie. The woman he chooses appears to be angelic, but may not be as innocent as she appears. Director Takashi Miike shows restraint in slowly allowing the film to descend into madness, leading up to a gory and brutal final act that will leave you stunned.

5. “You’re Next”

Adam Wingard’s “You’re Next” is not only a horror film, but something of a comedy. Although not funny in a conventional sense, “You’re Next” is pretty fun to watch. It follows a family reunion that goes horribly wrong after the family members are hunted down in their home. However, one of the members isn’t willing to go down without a fight. What results is something akin to “Scream” mixed with “Home Alone.” It’s a bit different, really scary and very fun.