Greek Life speaks out on spring recruitment

greeklif The Greek Life community at Elmhurst College underwent another semester of recruitment last month where new members were invited to join the sororities and fraternities around campus. Though some organizations did not participate in recruitment for the Spring 2016 semester, it seemed as though most of the organizations on campus thought the week was a success and represented an upswing for Greek Life on campus. Steven Rudnik, the recruitment chair for Lambda Chi Alpha, one of the social fraternities here at Elmhurst College, said that spring semesters typically bring in less members than fall recruitment while also speaking on how his own fraternity went. “There are currently 38 undergraduate members,” he said. “In the spring it varies, last spring we had three men join this semester there was two, but in the fall we normally have between 15-20 men joining.” A member of the only musical fraternity on campus, Joe Meade spoke on how his fraternity did it’s recruiting for the term. “We actually did our recruitment a week early. We did our recruitment for the semester two weeks ago just to do scheduling with the news department so it made sense to do it a week ahead of time,” he said. “This semester we ended up with two pledge members. But fall usually brings more. Usually about five or 10 give or take. But we’re definitely on the upswing and we’re projected to grow a lot more than we have the past few semesters.” Angela Pagan, a member of the Alpha Phi chapter at Northern Illinois University added perspective to compare the Greek life environments for larger and smaller colleges. “Our chapter currently has about 90 members. Spring and fall semester recruitment are different,” she said. “Fall semester is formal recruitment, and my pledge class was about 30.” “Spring recruitment is considered informal and so the process is different with fewer spots,” she added. “We are currently wrapping up our spring recruitment and have taken in six girls.” There was a similar response from Ellen Richkus, a member of the Delta Zeta sorority at U of I in Champagne. “There’s a ton of active members so sometimes it’s hard to know how many we actually have, but I know that pledge classes are usually about 20 or 25 girls,” she said. “I’d say most people I know are Greek. There’s so many different frats and sororities that most people find one that they like.”