Editorial: H2-Oh no - SGA confronts water fountains

Cartoonists: Chrissy Croft and Emily Jacobsen After two postponed meetings, the Student Government Association has finally solved the most pertinent issue at EC — we can now refill our water without tilting the bottle! Over the next couple of weeks, our archaic drinking fountains will be replaced with futuristic water bottle refill stations, effectively hydrating everyone who was too lazy to hold down a button while tilting their bottle. Thank you, SGA. If you couldn’t sense the sarcasm you might need to reread that paragraph a few more times. Got it now? Although it’s convenient to set down the bottle and watch it magically fill while standing up-right, it’s probably not worth the money. For one, it feels wrong to be pouring money into such a privileged commodity. There are communities like Flint, Michigan falling violently ill on account of their poisonous drinking water, and EC is worried about how their filtered water will make its way into bottles they probably got for free at a campus event. No one is dying without the stations. No one’s college experience is being ruined by the extra effort of a good old-fashioned drinking fountain. And, believe it or not, there are more pressing issues that the Student Government should be focusing on. We gathered the staff to rant about things that matter more than water bottle refill stations, and here’s the result so listen up: There’s no funding for departments, shitty equipment in the SOC, shitty equipment in Faganal, a stupid Homecoming, a lack of LGBTQ+ student resources, half-assed gender-inclusive housing, horrible wifi (“Why can’t I load this Vine?), inaccessible ELSA student housing, scolding hot res halls, ancient technology/computers, slow printers, jenky desks and chairs (“I’m too fat for these desks in Old Main!!!!”), pricey color printing, diarrhea inducing food, over-priced food, easily flooded campus (“Why am I in a puddle? Why is Irion drowning?”), MORE PARKING!!!!,bodily fluied-stained Residence Hall furniture, no journalism program (despite a kick-ass newspaper), no social work program, nowhere to hear the jams of WRSE on campus, and a lack of event PR. So, there you have it, plenty of other things to bring up at the next SGA meeting. Just try not to postpone it this time.