EC students wage wintery war on the Mall

EC students throw snowballs at fellow classmates on the Mall as part of a tradition celebrating the year’s first snowfall. (Photo by Stefan Carlson)

The first snowfall of the year brought war to the EC campus on Dec. 5.

As is tradition at EC, the first snowfall of the year means a midnight snowball fight among the students of EC and is held in the Mall.

Many students join their friends in the snowball fight while others get together to make a snowman or snow angels in a patch of untouched snow.

“My friends are the reason I came out here,” EC freshman Trisha Corasis said as other students threw snow at her. As she was talking, one of Corasis’s friends came up from behind her and smashed snow on the top of her head.

From their first tour on campus, the snowball fight is an event even EC’s newest students look forward to.

“[The Tour guide] told us on the tour when I first got here about this,” Corasis said.

The tradition of throwing snow at friends and having fun in the first snow of winter is one that will continue for quite some time.

“This is something I would do every year,” said Corasis.