EC celebrates Cubs’ World Series victory

EC students sophomore Bryce Marchetti, sophomore Mac Harden, senior Matthew Westhaver, freshman Noah Monohan and freshman Jake Heil (left to right) celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ World Series championship win in Wrigleyville, Chicago on Wednesday, Nov. 2. (Photo courtesy of Matthew Westhaver)

When the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the World Series, EC was devoting time to watching the NCLS Championship unfold live at President VanAken’s Inaugural Ball.

Since then, the Cubs have won the World Series after coming back from being down three games to one against the Cleveland Indians.

The championship-winning game was held at Progressive Field but could have easily been mistaken as being hosted right in Wrigleyville.

Thousands of fans showed up at Wrigley Field during Game 7, showing off Chicago’s admirable dedication to supporting the Northsiders even when they are competing for the championship 350 miles away.

EC students were amongst the masses in Wrigleyville when the Cubs stole the ultimate W away from the Indians.

Residents who were on campus when the game finally ended in the 10th inning could be heard throughout the residential halls.

Some took to the campus Mall, shouting things like, “We did it!” and “108 Years!”

Students with cars drove to Wrigleyville, or around the campus parking lot, their horns acting as celebratory noisemakers and blasting the Cubs theme song, “Go Cubs Go!” with the windows down.

Others were banging pots and dishes together, essentially creating temporary noisemakers to celebrate.

Even fireworks could be seen being shot into the midnight sky on the mall.

Students, faculty and administrative members posted their live reactions to social media, sharing great stories, anecdotes and thoughtful remarks on the historic win for the Cubs.

Sophomore Natalie Murtaugh publicly thanked the Cubs, citing her grandmother’s joy as being the source of her appreciation for the team.

“Noni [my grandmother] waited 85 years for a W in the World Series. Remembering her smile from last night will light up my life forever. Thank you, Cubs,” Murtaugh shared.

Junior Molly Madira admitted to not being a dedicated MLB fan but was able to acknowledge the joy in the moment.

“While I am not a huge baseball fan, or even live in the state of Illinois, it has been truly amazing to witness history and to see how happy the Cubs win has made everyone,” Madira said.

EC’s athletic director Paul Krohn of course watched the game and shared his thoughts.

“It’s been a lot of fun watching history be made. But the most interesting to me is the global phenomenon of widespread joy and shock brought about because of the Cubs victory,” he said.

“Across multiple generations and all different kinds of people — sports fans, Cubs fans, Chicagoans, you name it. Young and old. This sport and the outcome of this MLB season has touched everyone you know,” he added.

Sophomore Veera Qureshi mentions how nice it will be for Cubs fans to stop being poked at by Sox fans for not winning a Commissioner’s Trophy in over 100 years.

“I went to my first game in third grade and have been a fan ever since, and it’s especially amazing for the die-hards who have waited so long for this because Sox fans can finally stop asking ‘oh when’s the last time you won the World Series?’” Qureshi joked.

Even before the Cubs made it to the biggest stage in baseball, EC was being touched by the Cubs phenomenon, as was explained by Tim Ricordati, EC’s dean of admissions.

“Saturday morning/after- noon/evening was the most amazing day I ever experienced at Elmhurst College ... all capped off by the Cubs winning the pennant,” said Ricordati in an email interview.

“While my dad passed many years ago, he was with me in Blume [last night] cheering and smiling with all there,” he added, referencing the live streaming of the Cubs game during the Inaugural Ball.

The city of Chicago held a parade and rally to honor the Cubs and their accomplishment on Nov 4. The event brought out approximately five million people, making it the “7th largest gathering in human history,” according to Fox News.

Senior Maggie Resillez expressed her excitement with the sheer amount of people who turned out.

“It’s amazing that five million people can come together to celebrate history being made,” she said. “[It was] one day I will never forget, one amazing experience.”

Sophomore Madisson Klooster, a Philadelphia native, shared, “You know, living in Chicago you find out all new things about a new place. Things like, when the Cubs win the World Series, the entire town goes insane, literally,” she said. “Also, I had no idea the Cubs had their own theme song. I’ve had ‘Go Cubs Go’ stuck in my head for 15 hours.”

Sophomore Cyndi Marquez shared, “So blessed to have been home for this historical moment.”

A victory long-awaited, it seems the Cubs’ World Series championship is being celebrated by millions of people, probably worldwide, including just about everyone at EC.