Bluejays drop six-game winning streak

The Elmhurst College baseball team were brought down from their six-game winning streak by the Rockford Regents on Mar. 29. As this was their first game of the home season, the Regents proved difficult to play against, which resulted in a 5-2 loss for the Bluejays.

“It was a tough game against Rockford, and what I mean by that [is that it] was frustrating,” Infielder and Junior, Brandon Kressner, said in an email interview. “We had a lot of guys on base, and chances to score [but] couldn’t capitalize on those opportunities.”

The Bluejays struggled in the first few innings of the game, and the Regents took advantage. After getting a double and then making a run to bring the score to 1-0 in favor of Rockford, Senior Pitcher Ryan Millan held off the opposing team and kept the bases loaded for the rest of the inning.

Later on in the inning, Junior A.J. Compton managed to get a walk while the bases were loaded and tied up the score for the Bluejays.

Kressner explained what it was like to step up to the plate for EC.

“For one, [it helps] to have a good at-bat regardless of the situation,” he said after the game. “Another thing is controlling what you can control. What I mean by that is you can’t control what the pitcher is going to throw, or the call the umpire will make … [I] just want to go up there, make something happen for the team, do my job, and let the other guy behind me hit me in.”

Kressner and Compton managed to get two hits during the game.

The Regents gained more runs in the second and third innings, bringing the score to 5-1. However, EC gained a couple of runs and one score from Senior Chris Eberhart in the seventh inning.

While the first three innings of the game left the Bluejays scrambling to catch up, innings four through nine provided no more runs for the Regents.

Even though the Bluejays lost their home-game opener, Kressner is still optimistic about their chances in the season to come.

“I expect us to do well,” he said. “We have had a good pre-conference record and we want to take that good momentum into a tough conference schedule. We are up for the challenge.”