0 to 100 / “True” american

Over the past several months, I have come across several differing opinions about the two presidential candidates. Some argue that Hillary will run this country into the ground and is a shady human being for those emails. Some argue that Trump has the right vision and will, indeed, “make America great again.” Lately, when asked who I’ll be voting for, I’ve replied with, “The lesser of two evils.”

Only recently have I realized that this statement does not really fit the situation, though, nor is it an adequate response. One candidate is heinously and laughably less qualified than the other, so my saying the “lesser of the two” does not even fit.

Trump’s ideologies are taking us back to medieval times in which women’s opinions have no voices, their sexualities and outward appearances are at the forefront of their worth, and decisions about their bodies are solely dependent on men’s judgments.

It is taking us deeper and deeper into a nation of racist thinking where people believe America equals straightness and whiteness, and has no room for anything or anyone else. Like Toni Morrison once said, “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.”

But it is America’s entire population, non-white, women and all, that has helped make it what it is today. And though we have a hell of a long way to go, it would be nice to believe that we have already come so far in achieving some sort of greater goal. With so many having Trump’s back, however, it is difficult to believe that coming a long way is even a realistic way to put it.

It is downright terrifying to imagine what this country will turn into if Trump succeeds as its leader. For those of us who are not straight, white and male, the odds do not look good. Trump’s campaign is made to cater to this specific demographic while the rest of us are at the bottom of the food chain because, for whatever reason, we are not good enough to have our voices heard. Nor are we good enough to be respected, as women, people of color and otherwise.

I won’t claim that Hillary is the perfect candidate or anything close to it. I wish more than anything we had better options for both parties. Why is it that every election, like I mentioned previously, I find myself saying that I will side with the lesser of the two evils? It should not have to be that way, and yet it is. And I doubt that will change anytime soon.

It is difficult for me to understand how we have gotten to this point. When it was announced that Trump may be running for president, many assumed it was as a joke. Then reality hit, and more and more people came forward with their support for the candidate. What seemingly began as a joke turned into a frightening reality as Trump gained more and more support throughout the country from people who do not seem to love themselves a whole lot.

For the sake of those who do not match Trump’s criteria of what a “true” American is, it is best to leave him at the bottom of the stairs where he belongs. Let him go back to running a reality television show, building more Trump Towers or whatever insignificant things he was doing before he decided it was a good idea to run this country into the ground.

I sincerely hope that whoever is voting for Trump realizes the weight of what they are doing and what it will mean for America if he does win. I hope that for the sake of this country and all those in it that people will open their eyes to what Trump truly stands for, and then vote for Hillary.