0 to 100 / No one deserves it

It has been all over the news recently that Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint by five armed men in her apartment in Paris. Some speculate whether the incident was a publicity stunt, which is irrelevant when it comes to a mass amount of comments on the situation which are shockingly apathetic, hateful and downright nasty.

A string of remarks along the lines of “Too bad she didn’t get shot” and “What do you expect if you show off your wealth?” litter the comments sections detailing the incident. And all I can think is, really?

It’s not totally surprising. When model Gigi Hadid was groped and harassed by a random man on the street a few weeks ago, all of which was caught on camera, the media decided she was aggressive for trying to fight him back. It’s not like she was trying to protect herself or anything.

Why are people so quick to frame women as exaggerative bitches who deserve every abusive, abrasive action done to them?

This isn’t about if you dislike a celebrity or not. This has nothing to do with celebrities even. This is about women. It doesn’t matter if you hate these women for whatever reason so many do (because they’re rich? Had plastic surgery? Are unapologetic about their sex lives?) No. This is about harboring hatred towards women even in some of the most horrific situations one could possibly go through.

Think how traumatizing it would be to experience these types of situations. Kim was quoted saying she was afraid she would get raped by the men who forced entry into her apartment while she was alone. And all people have to say about it is that she deserved it and it’s too bad she didn’t end up dead?

Does hatred towards successful, powerful, rich women run so deeply that people feel the need to wish death upon them at their most vulnerable?

You don’t have to like them. You don’t have to like anyone if you don’t want to. But over the years it’s been difficult for me to understand the hatred women receive on a daily basis, and women in the media serve as perfect examples. When people try to justify their hatred, they only prove themselves more and more misogynistic. It practically radiates off their bodies.

The issue lies in why society decides to bash women and decide they want them injured, harmed or even murdered simply because they don’t like how they choose to live their lives. And like I said before, this goes for all women and not just those in the spotlight.

This particular hatred stems from misogynistic attitudes towards women who do not live their lives to please others, particularly men, and who do as they please without seeking approval from anyone but themselves.

When we hate men, there isn’t much consequence. When we hate women, it can cost them their lives.

Why is so much hateful energy pushed towards women whose lives are in danger? Why is there little to no empathy for the trauma so many women experience? So many instances of abuse go unreported because so few are willing to listen to trembling voices that feel they might be shut down. It is so important to validate those women and their distressing experiences because it could mean possibly saving a life and preserving someone’s mental health.

If a woman has gone through something difficult traumatic or distressing listen to her. Be there for her. Back her up. It’s already been proven that very few are willing to do so.